Strengthening the European Monetary Union


After years of crisis, the member states of the EU are currently emerging from the clutches of recession. With the acute bailout measures and the first stages of reforms taking effect in member countries, the opportunity must now be grasped to create a new basis for long-term and sustainable growth in Europe.

 The current reforms are not yet sufficient and are not being coordinated effectively enough. The lack of competitiveness in many EU member countries poses a long lasting threat to the euro and thus to the European Union.

Our organisations propose three key objectives in order to stabilise the eurozone in the long term:

  • 1. The implementation of national structural reforms should be supported by the consistent use of existing EU instruments and the introduction of new institutional mechanisms.
  • 2. The European Economic and Monetary Union should be supplemented rapidly with a powerful European banking union.
  • 3. A decision of the Council to renounce to any further taxation increase within the EU as well as to taxation projects which could have very detrimental effects on the economy such as the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) project.

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Medef Territoriaux - Consultez la carte des medef en france Fédérations professionnelles - L'abécédaire des fédérations

Pierre Gattaz, President of Medef, reacts to Emmanuel Macron’s election as the new French President

On behalf of all French entrepreneurs, I extend my warmest congratulations to Emmanuel Macron on being elected President of France. The challenge he now faces is enormous.

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MEDEF: Strengthening the position of France and its companies on the global scene

On March 20th, MEDEF presented its globalization strategy for French companies in front of 300 guests of the private and public sector. This high-level conference represented a unique opportunity to debate with candidates of the French presidential election about their programme concerning the internationalization of companies as well as international trade.

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Medef position on Brexit

The French and British economies are intricately linked. Our primary trade surplus is with the

United Kingdom. Around 400 000 French people work in the UK. Every sector, each individual

company, has specific and unique interests regarding Brexit. Everything possible must be done in

the forthcoming negotiation to avoid lessening the quality and the strength of this relationship.

French companies must continue to be able to trade with the UK without supplementary costs or

restrictions. A level playing field must be ensured so that French companies can continue to invest

and create jobs.

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