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Patrick Bernasconi, Executive Vice-President of the MEDEF and Chairman of the Trades, Mandates and Regions Cluster.

"With a finger on the pulse of all the territories"

This division has a special relationship with all MEDEF members and mandates. IT actively participates in the "2020-Saving France" project. Another major project, "MEDEF Foundations", seeks to engage with members to thoroughly discuss the values, organisation, and operations of MEDEF and its network for greater visibility and influence.
It includes two committees.

Region Committee
Chairman: Patrick Caré
The Regions Committee brings together the chairmen and general delegates of the regional MEDEFs, who debate issues specifically related to regional governments.

Territorial Mandate Committee
Chairman: Daniel Thébault
This committee identifies needs, discusses best practices, and develops tools to optimise the management of territorial mandates. It takes part in the discussion on reforms and negotiations with an impact on territorial mandates with the establishment of "territory mirror groups".

A daily sounding board for all the regions.

INTERVIEW of Patrick Bernasconi

What are the missions of the Trades, Mandates and Regions Cluster. that you chair?
Two foundations underpin the MEDEF's mission to represent companies: the professional trades (occupations, industries, business sectors) and the regional and local MEDEF chapters that represent interprofessional interests and the regions. The mandates and the people who carry them are examples of the business community's engagement in a variety of economic, social and community-based groups. Tens of thousands of company leaders are dedicating time and working to grow companies through the professional trades, regions and mandates.
The Trades, Mandates and Regions Cluster was created by Pierre Gattaz and I was assigned to lead this first-hand connection with all the MEDEF members and the authorised representatives scattered throughout the country. My goal is to work with the MEDEF committees to encourage the best interactions possible between them and the MEDEF. In its efforts to be more effective and be the best vehicle to express the priorities and concerns of business leaders, the MEDEF needs to maintain ongoing close relationships with these three broad communities and that is the purpose of the cluster I chair.

How does it plan out its initiatives?
First and foremost, we focus on listening to and gathering information from the field. But it also entails leading, informing and finding common ground between the needs expressed by members and the MEDEF's work at the national level so there is never a disconnect. The Trades, Mandates and Regions Cluster does this through a set of bodies where representatives from the trades and regions as well as the authorised representatives meet on a regular basis. Another method we use to incorporate priorities from the field or the professions is to frequently consult the network through the MEDEF's services. It should also be noted that meetings and discussions with the regions and federations take place virtually on a daily basis.

How did the first months go?
For the most part, they were spent dealing with thorny economic and social issues on the tax system, reform and collective bargaining. There was an extremely high demand for MEDEF members to weigh in on the MEDEF's positions. In return, they were called upon frequently to convey, promote and demonstrate these positions. At the same time, in the Trades, Mandates and Regions Cluster we have to keep an eye on our own concerns within the network and work on our effectiveness as a group, our synergies, and our communications and leadership tools. That demands strong teamwork with whomever wants to lend a hand.

What are the key priorities and initiatives that need to be set in motion?
Beside the issues of the day and the economic/social challenges, I would like to mention two specific projects, the first being “2020 – Make France a Winner.” This is the MEDEF's forward-looking project that aims to bring together as many business leaders as possible and, even more than that, all the driving forces in this country. “France 2020” is how we want to see France in 2020, a vision that is ambitious, pioneering, full of hope and enthusiasm. The other major project is the “MEDEF Talks.” This entails bringing our members into a far-reaching discussion on these values, planning and operations for our organisation so that we can be more effective, more visible and more influential in supporting the companies that we represent. It is a participatory project that invites the involvement of the trades and regions and, I hope, will help the MEDEF fulfil its missions to its best ability.

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