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Jean-François Pilliard, Vice-President of the MEDEF and Chairman of the Social Cluster.

"For a versatile and responsive environment"

This division aims to help restore the competitiveness of businesses through the reform of labour laws and employment policies and through the improvement of worker employability and skills. It is also concerned with funding social protection.
It consists of five committees.

Social Protection Committee
Chairman: Claude Tendil
This committee works to make social protection a factor of competitiveness. Its objectives are to lower public spending and reduce labour costs, promote the rigorous management of social security, and protect business selection with regard to insurance and occupational health.

Labour and Employment Relations Committee
Chairman: Jean-François Pilliard
This committee works to loosen the restrictions of employment law. Its scope includes topics such as unemployment insurance, employer representation, simplifying the labour code, funding employment dialogue, and working hours. It prepares and monitors the employment agenda.

Education, Training, and Job Placement Committee
Chairwoman: Florence Poivey
This committee provides education and training to improve business competitiveness and worker employability. It develops training programmes and improves the effectiveness of job placement policies. The committee promotes part-time training and works to bring together the world of business and the world of education.

Housing and Professional Mobility Committee
Chairman: Didier Ridoret
This committee participates in the general discussion on housing policies and oversees the implementation of improved housing action. It works with social partners to prepare for the next government-UESL five-year agreement.

International Employment Committee
Chairwoman: Elisabeth Carpentier
This committee defines and shares the social dimension of the Economic and Monetary Union. It sets objectives and develops tools for greater social convergence in Europe. It works with the OIE to support and expand its range of business services.


We need labour conditions that are agile and responsive.

INTERVIEW of Jean-François Pilliard

What are the missions of the cluster that you chair?
The Social Cluster's five committees are intended to help restore the competitiveness of companies. This primarily happens by reforming labour laws and employment policies, improving worker skills and qualifications and reforming financial resources for social protection. In a globalised economy we need labour conditions that are agile and responsive.

How do you plan your initiatives?
My vice-president Claude Tendil and I work as a team to lead the cluster's five committees. They have each been given a roadmap that is aligned with the MEDEF's overall objective to represent the real concerns of the business world. We encourage participatory management by pairing up the committee chairs, who are all leaders of companies. Lastly, in negotiations we want to focus on the company, then the trade/sector and lastly interprofessional bargaining.

You became vice-president of the MEDEF and chairman of the Social Cluster in 2013, July. How did the first three months go?
They were almost entirely dedicated to the pension bill and to planning and launching the job training negotiations, which are being led by Florence Poivey, chair of the Education, Training and Inclusion Committee.

What sorts of projects are you planning?
In addition to the job training talks, we are spending time on a range of issues, including employer representation, funding for labour and employer unions and bargaining on unemployment insurance. Otherwise, one of our top priorities is still to reduce labour costs.

There was a controversy in the labour news recently about working on Sundays. What is your position on that issue?
Someone needs to manage the country in terms of job creation and thereby competitiveness. Consequently, companies and their employees are the ones who should decide whether to work on Sundays. And labour and management need to be given some room to discuss the issue.

How would you rate the government's initial efforts on the labour front?
We have exchanged words and we are waiting for something to happen. Considering 11% of the population is unemployed, the government needs to take responsibility and focus on competitiveness and jobs. It missed an opportunity by not reforming pensions. It should not overlook the opportunity to lower labour costs and reform funding for social protection.

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