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Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, Executive Vice-President and Treasurer of the MEDEF, Chairman of the Economy, Taxation, Innovation and Digital Cluster

"Demonstrating conviction toward public authorities to define corporate interests"

This division supports the competitiveness of businesses and guides them toward growth and job creation. Its goal is to create a triple shock: simplification, taxation, and competitiveness.
It includes six committees.

Competitiveness Committee
Chairman: Jérôme Frantz
This committee's goal is to improve the attractiveness of the French territory, define competitiveness indicators, and identify risks and priorities in terms of cost and non-cost competitiveness throughout the value chain.

Economics Committee
Chairman: Christian Nibourel
This committee discusses the macroeconomic policy, monetary topics, and service economics. It develops proposals to improve business funding and financial regulations. It is comprised of sector-based subcommittees: transportation, tourism, and sports.

Taxation Committee
Chairman: Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux
This committee works on corporate taxation and entrepreneurs, the VAT, tax harmonisation, and environmental and international taxation, with the single goal of lowering the taxes that hold back businesses.

Research and Innovation Committee
Chairwoman: Gabrielle Gauthey
This committee manages relationships between university research and business, promotes research, shares innovation processes, and works with competitiveness clusters.

Consumer Committee
Chairman: Gérard Salommez
This committee manages relationships with consumers and their organisations and makes proposals related to consumer regulations and protection.


We need to show public authorities our deep commitment to protecting the interests of companies.

INTERVIEW of Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux

What are the missions of the cluster you chair?
The Economy, Taxation, Innovation, Digital Cluster works on the competitiveness of companies to pave a road for growth and
job creation. It has six committees, one of which is new called the Country's Competitiveness and Attractiveness Committee. We oversee short-term and medium-term initiatives. On the one hand, we need to react quickly to what is happening right now and the government's plans. And on the other hand, our position needs to be proactive, for example on tax matters so a more modern tax system is put into place.

What is your role in terms of the other MEDEF chairs?
We need to show public authorities our deep commitment to protecting the interests of companies. This happens by meeting with the team in place and through communication campaigns. There is a public discourse and a private discourse. As an employer organisation that serves as a lobbying group, our goal is to prove to the government the merits of building a supportive framework for companies. MEDEF's work is part of a long-term process.

You started your position last July. How did you spend your time in the first months?
The first few months were spent doing a progress review of the MEDEF's work. The finance bill for 2014 also kept us very busy, especially the tax on gross operating surplus (GOS) for companies, which the government ultimately shelved.

How is your relationship with the current administration?
The government has a capacity to listen. We listened to each other, but did not always hear.

What projects are you expecting to see next?
We are currently working on our roadmap. Pierre Gattaz and I want to mount a three-pronged attack that targets simplification, taxes and competitiveness. In the near future we will also be attending the tax system talks, which are expected to focus on tax reform and, most importantly, on the issue of local taxation. In the digital arena, there is also a lot of work to do to improve France's ranking and become one of the top OECD countries for digital consumption. Finally, we want to work on two areas to improve the developmental climate for companies, which are to lower costs and reduce taxes.

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